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I need a representation of µ or "micro". That funny small u with the long tail on the left side. Maybe you can see it here: µ

Some weeks ago I was reading in the docs, that it's a bad idea to type any special characters into the source code. So to prevent problems, could I encode that special character µ somehow like web folks do with  , in an NSString? And if so, is there an overview of these codes or a way to get the correct code?

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Take a look at this thread:

NSString *stuff = @"The Greek letter Beta looks like this: \u03b2"
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For the iPhone, and for Mac OS X using the Xcode 3.x tool chain (targeting 10.2 or later, which you must be if you're using Xcode 3.x), it is safe and supported to use a literal µ in the string constant. The only caveat is that you must set the -finput-charset command-line option if your source files are not UTF-8 or UTF-16.

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