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I need to read the contents of web page for several times and extract some information out of it for which I use regular expressions. I am using open-uri to read contents of the page and the sample code I written is as follows:

require 'open-uri'

def getResults(words)
    results = []
    words.each do |word|
        results.push getAResult(word)

def getAResult(word)
    file = open("{word}")
    contents =
    contents.match /some-regex-here/
    $1.empty? ? -1 : $1.to_f

The problem is unless I comment out file.close line getAResult returns always -1. When I try this code on console, getAResult immediately returns -1, but ruby process runs for another two to three seconds or so.

If I remove file.close line getAResult returns the correct result, but now getResults is a bunch of -1s except for the first one. I tried to use curb gem for reading the page, but similar problem appears.

This seems like an issue related with threading. However, I couldn't come up with something reasonable to search and find a corresponding solution. What do you think problem would be?

NOTE: This web page I try to read does not return results so fast. It takes some time.

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try hpricot or nokogiri

it can search documents via XPath in your html file

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You should grab the match result, like the following:

1.9.3-327 (main):0 > contents.match /div/
=> #<MatchData "div">
1.9.3-327 (main):0 > $1
=> nil

1.9.3-327 (main):0 > contents.match /(div)/
=> #<MatchData "div" 1:"div">
1.9.3-327 (main):0 > $1
=> "div"
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Please read the question again. This isn't about matching or regular expressions. It is about the timing that I got the contents of webpage ready and function returning the result. – mert Dec 13 '12 at 10:39

If you are worried about thread safety, then you shouldn't use the $n regexp variables. Capture your results directly, like this:

value = contents[/regexp/]

Specifically, here's a more ruby-like formatting of that method:

def getAResult(word)
  contents = open("{word}"){|f| }
  value = contents[/some-regex-here/]
  value.empty? ? -1 : value.to_f

The block form of #open (as above) automatically closes the file when you are done with it.

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