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I am a new developer when it comes to mobile applications and an iOS user myself. For an application we have a table with 4 items, each item can be ordered form position 1 to 4 .

Now on iOS I am used to dragging the item by holding a finger down on it and change it's place. That does not seem to be the case on Android, I can not find an application on Android either which changes the position of an item.

How would you guys recommend on doing this?

Kind regards, Vincent

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Titanium provides a property for tableView "moving" which allows tableviewRow to be re-ordered in IOS, but there is no such property for android.

I would suggest 2 solutions here

1- if your row just contains text etc. then you can listen to events "dragStart" and "dragEnd" and get the interchange the contents of rows.

2- you can splice the row and add it at specific index, but it will not give the look and feel as it feels in iPhone case.

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Titanium does not support re-arranging the rows with Android. In the case of IOS, Titanium TableView has the following properties which helps you to rearrange the tableViewRow

  • editable - Determines the rows' default editable behavior, which allows them to be deleted by the user when the table is in editing or moving mode.
  • movable - Determines the rows' default moveable behavior, which allows them to be re-ordered - Determines whether row moving mode is active.
  • moving You can use the above property properly with dragStart and dragEnd events

In the case of Android, You can not do so. Please refer the following link. TableViewRow moveable on Android

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