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Actually in android mobiles when we press the home button and the side button at a time we can make a screenshot. which event is running at the time of pressing?
In the camera event we fire android.provider.MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE.

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Posts about how to make a screenshot:
This: screenshot in android
or this: How to programatically take a screenshot on Android?
or maybe this:

But i did not find anything about some kind of provider as you describe in your post.

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It looks like there is a dedicated service running from android 4.0 and up which helps to take screenshots by the way you have mentioned here.

But I am not aware of how it happens in the previous versions of android.

Here is a link to the Service TakeScreenshotService. When you look into it you will be able to see another class which actually is responsible for capturing the Screenshot and storing it. And here is the link to the class GlobalScreenshot.

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