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I have a canvas animation which i'm using with the Kinetic.js Library.

In this code I also have a group of objects which I can make animate and rotate easily enough. What I need is that rotation to oscillate about a center point.

So rather than just go round and round - needs to swing back and forth. I have tried everything and can not find how to do this.

Similar to this tutorial....

HTML5 Canvas Oscillation tuturial

Except rather than oscillating a square backwards on one plane it needs to rotate backwards and forwards.

var carTopLeftGroup = new Kinetic.Group({
        x: stageWidth / 2 - 35,
        y:  stageHeight / 2 - 25,
        rotationDeg: 30,
        offset: [800, 50]



Hope this is clear and have explained as much as I can.

Regards JS

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Is it the animation part in kineticjs you don't get or what to do in your animation? – Jonke Dec 13 '12 at 13:48
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Do you mean like a pendulum algorithm?

Modeling Physics in Javascript: Introduction

You can take a look and use the math from there and use Kineticjs instead of pure html5 canvas.

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