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How to replace last occurrence of characters in a string using javascript

This is my code :

var newValue= myString.replace(" ", "<br />");

but I'd like to replace only the last occurance, not ALL occurances.

Such as :

Hello my name is Marco


Hello my name is<br />Marco

How can I do it? I think regex?

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If you want to go with regex, I can only think of replace(/ (?=[^ ]*$)/, "<br />"). Not the best option, and does not work for more complicated regexes because it requires a "negation" of the whole expression.

Maybe it's easier with simple string manipulation:

var parts = myString.split(" ");
if (parts.length > 1)
    var last = parts.pop();
    return parts.join(" ") + "<br />" + last;
} else
    return myString;

You also could use backward search:

var index = myString.lastIndexOf(" ");
if (index > -1)
    return myString.substr(0, index) + "<br />" + myString.substr(index+1);
    return myString;
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use this:

.replace(/\s(?=\S*$)/, "<br />");
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Try this:

.replace(/ ([^ ]*)$/, "<br />$1")


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