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I have a column called TotalArea and its format is numeric (12,2).

I want it to display the numbers with a thousand separator so when I

select TotalArea from table

to show me a format like 1,234.00.

How could I do that? Thanks!

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Try this way:

select replace(convert(varchar,convert(Money, TotalArea),1),'.00','') 
from table


SELECT CAST(CONVERT(varchar, CAST(123456 AS TotalArea), 1) AS varchar)
from table
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+1 because it's correct, but please don't do this. @MattWhitfield has it absolutely nailed. – tomfanning Dec 13 '12 at 10:20

Formatting numbers for display is something that should be done in the display layer, and not within the database. So, in whatever application this data ends up being used, you should format it there. Management Studio, unfortunately, does not offer much control in this regard.

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Try this One awesome example.

SELECT CAST(CONVERT(varchar, CAST(123456 AS money), 1) AS varchar)

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