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I am trying to sort a list of string stored in an arraycollection. But the sorted result is not correct. Please see my code.


if(value is ArrayCollection){
            var sort:Sort=new Sort();
            var sortField:SortField = new SortField("data")


Input: Start With, Contains, End With, Equals IgnoreCase, Not Equals, Matching, Equals

Output: Equals IgnoreCase, Contains, End With, Start With, Not Equals, Matching, Equals

Some time only one row is swapping with another(as above), some time no sorting at all.

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Everything is ok here. You need to provide some more details about your collection. Does the elements in value have values in the data field? –  nakib Dec 13 '12 at 10:11
Just guessing: it's sorted like [alpha, beta, Alpha, Beta] and you want [alpha, Alpha, beta, Beta]? –  RIAstar Dec 13 '12 at 10:21
@nakib Updated the question. Please help. –  Saju Dec 13 '12 at 11:42

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In case of your array collection having list of string. you need not specify name of SortField your case data.

            var value:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(['Start With','Contains','End With','Equals IgnoreCase','Not Equals','Equals']);
            var dataSortField:SortField = new SortField(); //Leave it empty.
            dataSortField.numeric = false;

            var dataSort:Sort = new Sort();

            value.sort = dataSort;


   "value"  mx.collections.ArrayCollection (@31ced61)   
[0] "Contains"  
[1] "End With"  
[2] "Equals"    
[3] "Equals IgnoreCase" 
[4] "Not Equals"    
[5] "Start With"

If arraycollection having object with data property your code is absolutly correct. like

            var value:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();
            value.addItem({data:'Start With'});
            value.addItem({data:'End With'});
            value.addItem({data:'Equals IgnoreCase'});
            value.addItem({data:'Not Equals'});

This case you need to specify like

var sortField:SortField = new SortField("data");
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I removed the 'data' attribute and it worked. Thank You @Raja :) –  Saju Dec 13 '12 at 13:36

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