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I am trying to use the demo from this site : http://slidesjs.com/#overview and try to implement two slider on a page. I am customizing the Linking demo. As i am using two different slider : slider1 and slider2 with different css so I used global.css for slider-1 and created text.css for slider-2.

I noticed that the js: slides.min.jquery.js file uses the css element for classes like slides_container, next, prev . So i created another js :slider.text.jquery.js replacing the css content by: slides_containerT, nextT, prevT as per text.css. but the code is not working. please help me as my project is due next monday.

Could you please suggest how I can modify the slides.min.jquery.js so that it takes both global.css and text.css elements to create pagination.

Cheers, Pam

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You can define multiple slides in one page no need to create slider.text.jquery.js file like you created. and make your 2nd slider styles according to #slider2.

        generateNextPrev: true,
        play: 2500
        generateNextPrev: true,
        play: 4500
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