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When using the Silverlight Toolkit's DragDropTarget, a snapshot of the item being dragged is shown under the cursor.

Is it possible to replace this snapshot/drag shadow or disable it?

Background: I am dragging items between controls, i.e. from a listbox to a canvas, and when I drop my listbox item I create a different item with different dimensions on the canvas. I want to show the item that is going to be created, or at least its area, instead of the text from the listbox.

This related question didn't help me.


edit: This related question suggests changing the source code to change the little "insertion indicator" icons.

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I was having the same issue in my application working with dragdroptarget in datagrids, i found a solution but that did not result in desired way. Well due to that solution i be able to figure out another way that work exactly the way i wanted.

I use DragStarting event to cancel the drag based on the input i received from MouseLeftButtonUp and MouseLeftButtonDown Events.

In DragStarting Event:

public void dg1stUnAllocDragStarting (object sender, ItemDragEventArgs e)
        if (blnMouseLeftButtonUp)
            e.Cancel = true;
            e.Handled = true;

        blnMouseLeftButtonUp = false;

MouseLeftButtonUp Event:

public void dataGrid1stUnAllocChild_MouseLeftButtonUp (object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)
        blnMouseLeftButtonUp = true;

MouseLeftButtonDown Event:

public void dataGrid1stUnAllocChild_MouseLeftButtonDown (object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)
        blnMouseLeftButtonUp = false;
        e.Handled = false;           

Hope it will help you.

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