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Out of the database when i get a date field it is coming out in the following format:

Dec 19 2012 12:00AM 

what i would like is


I use to have a function like the following, but since the database got changed it doesn't work...

    function ReformatDate(val)  
    if len(val) = 8 then
        ReformatDate = right(val, 2) & "/" & mid(val, 5, 2) & "/" & left(val, 4)
        ReformatDate = val
    end if  
end function

im assuming it isnt going into the if because the length is not 8 characters any more.

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Use your sgbd's functions to format the dates. For example, in MySQL, you have DATE_FORMAT() to do such things.

SELECT DATE_FORMAT('2007-10-04 22:23:00', '%d/%m/%y');
  -> '04/10/07'
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