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I have a problem with python's logging lib. With the code below I create a "logger":

logger = logging.getLogger()
def logger_init(level):
        syslog = SysLogHandler(address=LOG_DESTINATION)
    except Exception, ex:
    formatter = logging.Formatter('%(module)s[%(process)d]: %(message)s')

And I call it like:


OR like:


And I initialize the logger with:

log_level = logging.ERROR
if options.DEBUG_LOG: ####  This comes from options parser and it is True.
    log_level = logging.DEBUG

The problem is that the error, and warn is working very well, but neither info nor debug methods prints anything to syslog.

I'm using syslog-ng and I designed my filter, that is it will accept every level from debug to emerg.

What is the problem here? Any ideas?

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You also have to set the level of the logger, not only the handler.

Add this to your logger_init:

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