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I installed Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Phone 8 SDK successfully. I created a new phone app and trying to run but it doesn't show me any emulators in Visual Studio 2012.

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Make sure that your PC satisfies the system requirements for running the emulator:

  • Windows 8 Pro edition or greater
  • A processor that supports Second Level Address Translation (SLAT)

If your computer meets the hardware and operating system requirements, but does not meet the requirements for the Windows Phone 8 Emulator, the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 will install and run. However, the Windows Phone 8 Emulator will not function and you will not be able to deploy or test apps on the Windows Phone 8 Emulator.


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Pretty much @Olivier's answer. Also, make sure you have Hyper-V enabled on your computer.

In lieu of this, There's a very nice tool on codeplex that pretty much checks if your computer is able to start hyper-v and the windows phone emulator.

If that passes, you'll want to follow this article in order to get hyper-v set up. Specifically the two enabling sections.

There was a post a little while back on what is required specifically here on stack overflow. It can be found here

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