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Currently I'm about to display HTML data into my application with fragment. I'm confused of which one I need to use to get better performance between TextView or WebView. I mean, for rendering speed and memory issue.

Know that Html.fromHtml() is available for TextView to display HTML formatted data but I want to try WebView instead of TextView. But don't know rendering speed and memory issue.

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WebView internally provides different functionality for the display Html data. Also you can use JavaScript in WebView.

While TextView when you are use Html.fromHtml() then its support only few Html tags. So I think its better to use WebView.

I just mentioned JavaScript functionality but There are other functionality like (Zoom Functionality, Image from web, etc..) All supports in WebView.

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@all - Let me know if I missed something.. – user370305 Dec 13 '12 at 10:47
Nice answer "user370305" – SIVAKUMAR.J Dec 13 '12 at 11:16

depends for what you wish to use it.. if you are loading website and want all the features of that website to be available you should use webview. If you are only displaying one html snippet you should use textview

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