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I have the below scripts and they give me this warning.

( ! ) Warning: preg_match() [<a href='function.preg-match'>function.preg-match</a>]: Unknown modifier ']'

This is my code:

if ((preg_match("<[^>]*script*\"?[^>]*>", $check_url)) || (preg_match("<[^>]*object*\"?[^>]*>", $check_url)) ||
    (preg_match("<[^>]*iframe*\"?[^>]*>", $check_url)) || (preg_match("<[^>]*applet*\"?[^>]*>", $check_url)) ||
    (preg_match("<[^>]*meta*\"?[^>]*>", $check_url)) || (preg_match("<[^>]*style*\"?[^>]*>", $check_url)) ||
    (preg_match("<[^>]*form*\"?[^>]*>", $check_url)) || (preg_match("\([^>]*\"?[^)]*\)", $check_url)) ||
    (preg_match("\"", $check_url))) {
die ();

How can I fix this?

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check the syntacx\x of pregmatch – rOcKiNg RhO Dec 13 '12 at 10:46
Delimiters! You need to add them – Dale Dec 13 '12 at 10:46
There's also a lot of repetition - think about how you could simplify it. – nickhar Dec 13 '12 at 10:54

The pattern must be changed like this

preg_match("/<[^>]*script*\"?[^>]*>/", $check_url);
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