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I have a basic question in struts why do we need to have <global-forwards>and <global-exceptions> in struts-config.xml. If we can achieve the same things with <action-mappings> itself.

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Consider you are validating the username password for different urls like, etc. If it is a valid user you need to proceed the neccesary action.if not forward to the login page.See the mappings below

    <action path="/insert" type="controller.Insert">
        <forward name="success"  path="/insert.jsp"/>
        <forward name="failure"  path="/login.jsp"/>
    <action path="/update" type="controller.Update">
        <forward name="success"  path="/update.jsp"/>
        <forward name="failure"  path="/login.jsp"/>
    <action path="/delete" type="controller.Delete">
        <forward name="success"  path="/delete.jsp"/>
        <forward name="failure"  path="/login.jsp"/>

Instead of repeating the <forward name="failure" path="/login.jsp"/> you can declare this in <global-forwards> like below

   <forward name="failure"  path="/login.jsp"/>

Now you can remove the <forward name="failure" path="/login.jsp"/> in the action mappings.


If you receive java.Io exception instead of handling manually for each you can declare globally as below.

    <exception type="" path="/pages/error.jsp"/>

I hope this clarifies your problem.

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Thanks man very good explanation but found it little long. – user1900662 Dec 13 '12 at 12:03
thanks for the explanation, – Apache Jun 17 '13 at 9:25
thanks for the explanation, let say if there is HTTP 500 error page and need to forward back to login page, <action-mappings><action path="/loginAction" .... </action><forward name="login_form".... /></action-mappings>, how this can be done, thanks – Apache Jun 17 '13 at 10:14
I have to disagree with user1900662 - this is the perfect length, imo. It answered my question exactly (and was the first result in google so I imagine i'm not the only one...) – corsiKa Dec 30 '13 at 16:13

If you are talking about Struts 1, global-exceptions are ExceptionHandlers that deals with some Exception for all the actions, so you don't have to declare it per action and avoid duplication.

Global-forwards have the same idea. If you have forwards with the same path in different actions, you can avoid duplication by declaring just one global-forward and all the actions can use it. With global-forwards you can also avoid hard-coded URLs in your jsps, eg, you could declare a global-forward like <forward name="loginLink" path="/login" /> and then in your jsp <html:link forward="loginLink">Login</html:link>.

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