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what is the preferred way of creating SOAPMessage containing a SOAPFault from a webservice that implements JAX-WS Provider interface?

MessageFactory.newInstance() seems like unnecessarily expensive operation and there's no mention about thread safety. I have four possible solutions, but got no idea which I should be using:

  1. Pool of MessageFactories in a static variable
  2. Reuse the received
  3. SOAPMessage by clearing the content and possible attachment Create a synchronized method for MessageFactory.createMessage()
  4. Use MessageFactory.newInstance() for every call
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Premature optimization is the root of all evil

As this will be very easy to change later, I would go with option 4 (MessageFactory.newInstance() every time) and only consider other options if and when I see it has performance issues.

This might not be a performance issue at all and you'll save yourself some coding.

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I agree that premature optimization is bad, but the service (= webservice proxy that resides at network edge) is required to process thousands of messages per second. After exploring the source codes, benchmarking & profiling I decided to use pooling –  Sami Korhonen Feb 13 '13 at 22:29

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