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I am trying to use this anwer but it reports "wrong number of arguments to function substr()".

I've then tried to test the following a simple query:

SELECT substr('000' || '4',  -4);

and it throws the same error.

SQlite documentation says substr accepts 2 or 3 arguments and here I give it 2 but it still complains.

Any idea why?


To make it even clearer, I've tried executing simply

SELECT substr('abcdefg',  4);

and it gives the same error.


In fact, I was using SQLite Administrator (which uses pretty old SQLite library - SQLite 3.5.1) to run the queries. Now I have tried using bare sqlite3.exe (SQLite 3.7.15) - everything works just fine.

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Which SQLite version are you using? (run select sqlite_version();) – CL. Dec 13 '12 at 12:44
I am using SQLite Administrator, sqlite_version() returns 3.5.1. I think this is the answer, @CL, everything works ok if I use bare sqlite3.exe. You can post this as the answer and I shall accept it. – Ivan Dec 13 '12 at 12:51
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The third parameter of substr() was made optional in SQLite 3.5.2.

You should get a newer version of SQLite Administrator (if possible), or use a more up-to-date tool like, e.g., SQLite Manager.

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