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I'm testing Kohana AutoModeler, but I think it is an PHP lack of knowledge.

I have just set it up and got this error ErrorException [ Parse Error ]: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /classes/context/user/add/factory.php.

When I open the file, Dreamweaver did not recognize this line protected $_data = []; and this line public function __construct(array $data = []) probably because of [].

In fact I did not find what is the meaning of $var = [] or how could a resolve this.

Any help you'd be appreciated

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It's a shorthand for array(). It was introduced in PHP 5.4 if I'm not mistake. Basically, array $data = [] is the same as array $data = array(). However, you have an older PHP versiont hat doesn't support it. – N.B. Dec 13 '12 at 11:18

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This syntax is valid only in PHP 5.4+, in earlier versions it should be $_data = array();

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