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I use WebBrowser control and MFC HTML dialog to build portable C++ application interface. I use window.external (which is actually my dialog class) to expose C++ functionality for JavaScript code inside browser. So, for example, when user wants to save settings, he clicks Save button, and in this event I call window.external like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
$("#Save").click(function() {

Now, in HTML dialog I have method like this:

void CMyDialog::Save()
   // Do something...

If user entered invalid settings, it looks logical to generate exception within CMyDialog::Save() to stop method execution and show any error message. However, the problem here is that C++ exception must be processed by JavaScript, and I have no idea how to implement it. So: is there any way to throw exception in C++ code in such a way that JavaScript will can handle it with its try-catch statement? P. S. I understand that there are ways to avoid this problem, for example, it is possible to return error code from Save method instead of throwing exceptions and return 0 on success, etc; however, exceptions are much more comfortable & intuitive way to report error at least for me, so if someone knows solution, please write your idea.

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In C++ code you indicate error by returning HRESULT values showing failure (negative ones). Those alone will already be converted to scripting exceptions (Error Object).

If you want to provide extended information, such as message, you can implement ISupportErrorInfo interface on your C++ class which implements IDispatch/IDispatchEx interface, and return error information as described in this topic on MSDN: Returning Error Information.

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