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[id(203), helpstring("method LoadPolyDataXml")] HRESULT LoadPolyDataXml([out,retval]CComBSTR bstrPolyData);

I get an error as:

Error 1 error MIDL2025 : syntax error : expecting a type specification near "CComBSTR"

How to solve?

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Make sure the header defining CComBSTR is included and on the search path... –  StoryTeller Dec 13 '12 at 11:35

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please, replace CComBSTR with BSTR*. The CComBSTR should not be used in idl files

then the usage would be

CComBSTR data;

the implementation could be

HRESULT LoadPolyDataXml(BSTR* pData);
  if (pData == 0) return E_POINTER;

  CComBSTR xml;
  // ... reading xml here
  *pData = xml.Detach()
  *pData = ::SysAllocString(string data here)


do not forget to check for out of memory error

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