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I'm using KDevelop 4.3.1 on ubuntu 12.04. It's not parsing the Eigen 3 library, while this release note says it should.

It is a little more subtle than this.

KDevelop is parsing part of the Eigen library when placing a using namespace Eigen before the code. However, it will not parse into the the classes (e.g. Identity in Matrix2d::Identity() will not be parsed).

When using nested namespaces, it will parse the namespace, but nothing more (e.g. Matrix2d in Eigen::Matrix2d will not be parsed), except for something called internal (i.e. Eigen::internal).

I've only found this post which resembled my problem, although here the issue is resolved after a KDevelop crash. Does anyone have a more reliable sollution? Is there anyone with the same issue, at all?

Kind regards

PS: Building the code works fine.

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