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I'm using mongoid-paperclip to upload images on amazon s3, and it is working fine on the web using multipart/form-data.

But when I try to upload images using HTTP PUT request using CURL or RestKit updating the profile works and returns { status: ok } but the file doesn't get uploaded.

User Class

has_mongoid_attached_file :avatar,
    :styles => {
      :original => ['1000x1000>', :png],
      :small    => ['64x64#',     :png],
      :medium   => ['250x250',    :png],
      :large    => ['500x500>',   :png]
    :convert_options => { :all => '-background white -flatten +matte' }

So now I don't know where the problem is, is it from RestKit or from paperclip?

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If anyone got that same problem as you need to call

current_user.avatar = params[:avatar]


current_user is user currently logged in, any user will work too

avatar is my paperclip name

params[:avatar] is the file your are trying to upload

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