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I use QtCreator 2.6 with Qt 4.8.4 and trying to compile my code on Windows 7 x64 by MinGW (4.4, 32bits).

I included Apache Thrift to my project, and got errors on file thrift\windows\GetTimeOfDay.cpp:

'errno_t' was not declared in this scope
'_get_timezone' was not declared in this scope`
'_get_daylight' was not declared in this scope

Have you ideas how yo solve that problem?

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I got working idea. We must avoid all GetTimeOfDay, and delete from project files GetTimeOfDay.cpp, GetTimeOfDay.h and use <time.h>'s function gettimeofday.

If someone will get same error, I can provide more code.

And, of course, if you'll find better way to solve that problem (or point, that problem is solved in further versions of Thrift) -- feel free to post here! :)

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