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I am having a number of different excel sheets at my end. I need to put their data in the database. There are some predefined fields in database (country,code,start date, end date) which I need to fetch from excel and need to put in the database.

Tried so far : I have fetched the data and putting it in the database when i know the field names of excel sheets. For example if excel is also having (country,code,start,end) then my code is taking and putting in the data base exactly

Problem I want this to be automatic upload to database in case the excel fields are not same as i using in my code. Explaining furhter , suppose in my excel fields are (location,location code, starting date, end date). then I also want my program to extract the data from proper field.

I want some kind of mapping utility at my panel so that admin can map the fields once a new excel sheet with new fields are uploaded. so that it maps and fetch the data from proper columns of excel sheets.

Please suggest how to start it with.


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You can use library like


And do a custom app which have admin can select the fields in db for the read columns in excel.

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