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How do I get the 'Enabled' state in AutoIt of a button (either the button is disabled (dimmed) or enabled)?

This for a .NET application (Windows Forms, VB.NET) where the name of the button in the Visual Studio's designer is "btnStoreInModule", property Text is "S&tore in Module" and the property Enabled is what I am interested in reading in an AutoIt script. The button is of type System.Windows.Forms.Button.

My AutoIt script presses the button like this:

ControlClick("My Application", "", "[NAME:btnStoreInModule]")

The application responds by a dimming the button while it is doing an operation that can take anywhere from a fraction of a second to over 10 seconds. When the operation has finished, the button is enabled again (undimmed).

The application when the Store button is disabled:

Button in a disabled state. For a .NET application

Using AutoIt's AutoIt Windows Info tool (menu Programs -> AutoIt v3 -> AutoIt Windows Info) on the button gives the same result for both the dimmed state and the normal state:

>>>> Window <<<<
Title:    My Application 1.2a6
Position: -4, 34
Size:     1448, 870
Style:    0x17CF0000
ExStyle:  0x00050100
Handle:   0x000C08DE

>>>> Control <<<<
Instance:            21
Name:                btnStoreInModule
Advanced (Class):    [NAME:btnStoreInModule]
ID:                  592026
Text:                S&tore in Module
Position:            257, 675
Size:                91, 23
ControlClick Coords: 59, 8
Style:               0x5601000B
ExStyle:             0x00000000
Handle:              0x0009089A

Extra information:

I can succesfully get the text of a TextBox control with (where "TB_Type" is the name of the TextBox in Visual Studio's property windows for the text box):

Local $sText = ControlGetText ("My Application", "", "[NAME:TB_Type]")

For the button the corresponding line returns "S&tore in Module" (as one might expect).

AutoIt version: (2012-01-29)

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Use the ControlCommand function like this:

    $isControlEnabled = ControlCommand($hWin, "", "[NAME:button2]", "IsEnabled", "")

The function will return => 1 if "[NAME:button2]" is enabled and 0 if it is disabled.

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Shouldn't "button2" be "btnStoreInModule"? – Peter Mortensen Dec 13 '12 at 15:18
Buttons don't have names. They have text ("St&ore in Module"), they might have a control ID when used in a dialog. Which is best, use Spy++ (et al) to see the ID. – Hans Passant Feb 6 '15 at 23:07

The following code should work:

Local $isControlEnabled = ControlCommand("My Application 1.2a6", "", "", "IsEnabled")

The function will return 1 if the button is Enabled and 0 if it is Disabled.

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