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I want to remove the following tabs: attribute, option, discount, special, reward points, design from the Admin section of Catalog > Products > Add New.

I'm using the following in the VQMod .xml file but the tab attribute continues to display. Any ideas what I have done wrong, or how to remove these tabs?

    <file name="admin/view/template/catalog/product_form.tpl">
        <search position="replace"><![CDATA[
            <a href="#tab-attribute"><?php echo $tab_attribute; ?></a>
            <a href="#tab-attribute" style='display:none'><?php echo $tab_attribute; ?></a>

I'm using Opencart 1.5.4.

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Try this

<file name="admin/view/template/catalog/product_form.tpl">
        <search position="replace"><![CDATA[tab-attribute"]]></search>
        <add><![CDATA[tab-attribute" style="display: none"]]></add>

Note that this will hide both the tab item and the actual tab content from view (or should - untested). If this doesn't work and the tab still shows, you may need to use a HTML commenting replacement to remove the tab item as it may be the jQuery code creating tabs that overrides the display: none

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Ok i've tried as shown above, with no success. There wasn't speech marks missing in the code you provided by any chance? Notice there is two closing ones but no opening one. –  Lee Brown Dec 13 '12 at 13:43
Hi Lee. No there wasn't anything missing. What version of vQmod are you using and have you renamed your admin folder? –  Jay Gilford Dec 13 '12 at 13:56
Hi there, no I haven't renamed the Admin folder, as have other xml VQMod files working on the admin section. The version is shown as this in the vqmod_opencart.xml file: <version>1.4.x and 1.5.x</version> –  Lee Brown Dec 13 '12 at 14:08
That's not the vQmod version - open the /vqmod/vqmod.php file and search for vqversion and there will be a number next to it. Clear all of the contents of the /vqmod/vqcache/ folder and then refresh the page. If it still doesn't work, check that firstly the /vqmod/vqcache/ folder has files in it after the refresh and then check the error log file to see if there are any errors in there –  Jay Gilford Dec 13 '12 at 14:14
2.1.7 is the version, sorry about that, relatively new to this VQmod. And I need to delete all files in the vqcache folder? This won't affect it from working? –  Lee Brown Dec 13 '12 at 14:25

It is possible to hide reward points from the left-coloumn main menu in open cart- . For that do the following:


search for the line:

<a href="<?php echo $reward; ?>" class="list-group-item"><?php echo $text_reward; ?></a>

and comment it like this:

<!-- <a href="<?php echo $reward; ?>" class="list-group-item"><?php echo $text_reward; ?></a> -->

now refresh your page and check ,you can see that the reward point option is gone!

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