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When I try to build my application I get linker error undefined reference to (..). All functions that were not found are imported from meschach library. In my opinion library is properly installed:

whereis libmeschach
libmeschach: /lib/libmeschach.so /usr/lib/libmeschach.so /lib64/libmeschach.so

My SCons file:

import os
import sys
import functools

PROJECT_ROOT = os.path.curdir
doc_path = functools.partial(os.path.join, PROJECT_ROOT, 'doc')
src_path = functools.partial(os.path.join, PROJECT_ROOT, 'src')
out_path = functools.partial(os.path.join, PROJECT_ROOT, 'build')

cpp_flags = {
    'linux2' : '-Wall -Wextra -pedantic -fopenmp -O3',
    'win32'  : '/w /MD /openmp'

env = Environment(ENV=os.environ,CPPFLAGS=cpp_flags[sys.platform])    

env.Program(target=out_path('cholesky'), source=Glob(out_path('*.cpp')), LIBS=['m'])

I use Arch Linux 64bit.

Edit: I replaced SCons with Makefile but error still remains:

CFLAGS=-c -Wall -Wextra -pedantic -I./externals/include
LIB=./externals/lib/meschach.a -lm

all: cholesky

cholesky: cholesky.o equation.o testing.o profiler.o parallelCholeskyTest.o matrix.o
$(CC) cholesky.o equation.o testing.o profiler.o parallelCholeskyTest.o matrix.o -o 
    main $(LIB)

$(CC) $(CFLAGS) src/cholesky.cpp

 equation.o: matrix.o
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) src/equation.cpp

$(CC) $(CFLAGS) src/matrix.cpp

$(CC) $(CFLAGS) src/testing.cpp

$(CC) $(CFLAGS) src/profiler.cpp

$(CC) $(CFLAGS) src/parallelCholeskyTest.cpp
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Try adding libmeschach to list of libraries i.e. try changing LIBS=['m'] to LIBS=['m', 'meschach']. Please check this link for more info on linking –  another.anon.coward Dec 13 '12 at 13:03
Unfortunatelly it didn't help. –  Adam Sznajder Dec 13 '12 at 13:08
Hmm do you see the library being linked or anything when actual compilation happens? Can you check the exact gcc compilation command for which you get this error? –  another.anon.coward Dec 14 '12 at 17:30
Hmm are you able to compile simple code which uses this library? (Also you can definitely improve your makefile ... I know that is not the problem & you might be making use of them for first time :)) –  another.anon.coward Dec 14 '12 at 18:15
Glad to help! Good that you could solve the problem :) –  another.anon.coward Dec 14 '12 at 19:14

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Ok. I solved it. This library cannot be included as a C++ library and you have to wrap each #include with extern "C" { }. Here you can find more about this issue: C-library not linking using gcc/g++

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