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I'm having a missue with a convertion.

Using a simple QR code with a white background and a black QR code, I wan't to have ImageMagick to make the white color transparent.

To do so, I tried this:

/usr/bin/convert ./qr_original.png -transparent white ./qr_transparent.png

This convert command makes the black color transparent but preserves the white background.

But trying with a QR code with a background and a red/green/blue/whatever QR code, the convert command works fine - the red/green/blue/whatever QR code is preserved and the white background gets transparent.

How come? And how can I make this work correctly?

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Your code works for me. Maybe update your imagemagick?

Otherwise try this:

exec("convert ./qr_original.png -channel matte -fuzz 50%% -fill transparent -opaque white ./qr_transparent.png");
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You're right - my imagemagick installation is out of date, which apparently is the problem. – Repox Dec 13 '12 at 19:27
You should use -fuzz anyways to get a better result – Lukas Nagel Dec 13 '12 at 20:11

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