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I would like to cut & paste the data of a chart to a different place from its corresponding excel data-sheet.

How do I determine the range of a the chart data, so that Iam able to cup&paste the chart data ?


Worksheet worksheet ...
Chart myChart ... 
SeriesCollection mySeriesCollection ...
---->>>  mySeriesCollection.getRange()  <<<<<------------- // this doesnt exist


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I databind my series against some structure (like a list of lists of data XY values) and so if I wanted to get that information, I would do a LINQ query against the underlying data, not the MSChart data structure. – itsmatt Dec 13 '12 at 13:32

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I don't think there is a direct way. My best suggestion is to go over the series of the chart and check the Values and XValues of the series.

foreach (Series series in chart.SeriesCollection()){
   Range values = series.Values;
   Range xvalues = series.XValues;

You can then join all the ranges together and get the source data of the chart.

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