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I am creating a COM Object in Delphi XE2. I am trying to create the methods using safecall, but the default is stdcall.

When i use Automation Object is possible to use safecall.

For performance questions, i am using COM Object. Is it possible to use safecall on it?


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Yes, you can use safecall convention. The only difference between safecall and stdcall is that safecall is suitable for exception-driven flow. That is, if your Delphi function is safecall, it can raise an exception, which will be catched internally and translated to the proper HRESULT.

By the way, there's no performance benefit with COM Object vs Automation object: although an Automation object supports the slower "late binding" via IDispatch interface, its clients are not obliged to use it. Clients, which are able to use "early binding", can use it with Automation objects as well.

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@PedroMagalhaes That was exactly what I was looking for coming to this thread. I wasn't sure what an "Automation Object" was. –  vmrob Jan 28 at 2:55

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