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I was wondering if anyone out there can help me.

We are setting up a script that will go through each folder on a network drive and delete any files of a particular type, for example .pdf, that exist in the folder for longer than 300 days.

This script has been written in VBS but I want to use TOAD data modellers scheduler to execute the script. We use TOAD to schedule a lot of our queries and i want to keep it under the same architecture so that its easier to maintain. I can see there are two objects within the TOAD scheduler that might be of use: "Run Program" or "Run Script".

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i know nothing about "Toad" but "Run Program" sounds great. just call cscript.exe and give your vbs as parameter. that should run your vbs.

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Yeah, "Run Script" means running SQL Script I suppose. "Run Program" means sound running external program as in Command Line. BTw, "Toad" is different from "Toad Data Modeller". OP, you are asking for TOAD or "Toad Data Modeller" ? –  Larry Dec 19 '12 at 8:01
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