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I'm facing the following problem: I am connecting two devices via Bluetooth socket, one tablet android and a bluetooth device like reader barcode, up to now it's ok, the problem is, when a read the barcode by the bluetooth device and I send it to tablet, the bar code sometimes it's sent in two parts, for example, if I read a barcode with content "212154521212", the tablet receive "2121" and after "54521212", Anyone know tell me what should I do to avoid this?

Thanks in advanced.

My code that read the data from bluetooth device:

[code] private class ConnectedThread extends Thread {

    private final InputStream mmInStream;
    private BluetoothSocket socket;

    public ConnectedThread(BluetoothSocket socket) {
        this.socket = socket;

        InputStream tmpIn = null;

        try {

            tmpIn = socket.getInputStream();

        } catch (IOException e) {
            new LogDeErrosRodesTablet(e);
            Log.e(TAG, e.getMessage());
            Log.e(TAG, "Erro no construtor da classe ConnectedThread.");


        mmInStream = tmpIn;

    public void run() {     
        // continua lendo o inputstream até ocorrer um erro

        while (true) {

            int read = 0;
            byte[] buffer = new byte[128];

            do {

                try {

                    read = mmInStream.read(buffer);
                    Log.e(TAG, "read: " + read);
                    final String data = new String(buffer, 0, read);
                    Log.e(TAG, "data: " + data);

                    //send data only (bar code) only after read all
                    Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
                    bundle.putString(TelaInserirPedido.CODIGO_BARRAS, data);
                    Message message = new Message();
                    message.what = TelaInserirPedido.MSG_COD_BARRAS;

                    //Send a message with data

                } catch(Exception ex) {
                    read = -1;

                Log.e(TAG, "inside while.");

            } while (read > 0);

            Log.e(TAG, "outside of while.");


    public void cancel () {
        try {
            socket.close ();
        } catch ( IOException e) { }



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Use OutputStream.flush() to force send the all data.

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What OutputStream? –  Levi Mendes Dec 13 '12 at 14:09
The OutputStream which you use to send the barcode. –  user1888162 Dec 13 '12 at 14:50
In any moment I have used an OutPutStream. –  Levi Mendes Dec 13 '12 at 14:59
I Have done this: socket.getOutputStream().flush(); But no success –  Levi Mendes Dec 13 '12 at 16:29
No, you have to add OutputStream.flush() after OutputStream.write(bytes) Like this: try { OutputStream.write(bytes); OutputStream.flush(); } –  user1888162 Dec 13 '12 at 18:26
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