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My graph result like below, I need to space between axis name or axis label, here need some space margin between "month", and x-axis labels and similarly for "clicks" and y-axis labels.

enter image description here

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You could just remove the axis label and draw it with drawText and align the text using TEXT_ALIGN_TOPMIDDLE and the coordinates from the graph area.

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Try to find line no. 2344 in pDraw.class.php and add value in pixels you want to have as a margin between axis value and the description to the end of the line:

$TxtLeft = $XPos-$OuterTickWidth-2-($Bounds[1]["X"]-$Bounds[0]["X"])

Forexample: $TxtLeft = $XPos-$OuterTickWidth-2-($Bounds[1]["X"]-$Bounds[0]["X"]) - 10;

This will move the text 10 pixels more to the left.

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You can try something like this -

    $scaleSettings = array("XMargin"=>10,
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hey @joe, I need space between (2011-11) and "Month", check my graph x-axis, your code make space between axis line or graph area, that's i don't need :( –  wiram rathod Dec 14 '12 at 5:18

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