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I have to explain the mediator design pattern but I am not sure whether I have used it in a right context so I would like to ask you for your opinions. enter image description here

I have four objects that each of them need to interact with others. So to make the code easier to maintain and reuse I add the mediator pattern so the point is to centralize comples communications and control between related objects.

enter image description here

So my questions is: Do you think it is a good example of Mediator Patterns. Thanks.

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This is a good example I guess...

Mediator are objects which centralise communications to avoid dependencies between every objects which communicate together.

With your sample, I would just add, for instance, a new WeatherStation class whose role would be to alert drones and rovers to make them go back home, and explain that thanks to the mediator pattern, there is only WeatherStation <-> Mediator interface to implement.

Instead of :

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