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I want to put a span / div tag inside an <option>. Is it possible to do or anyone ever find this kind of problem? Here is the code:

  <span class="bla1">Bla...bla....</span>
  <span class="bla2">Bla...bla....</span>
  <span class="bla3">Bla...bla....</span>
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Could you give us more information about your problem? I can't understand what are you asking about. – Cesar Ortiz Dec 13 '12 at 14:11

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i think you´re trying to specify some kind of detail for each option.

something like this:

Language Courses:

< select>

    < option>English < span>Basic</ span>< span>Advanced</ span>< span>Native</ span></ option> 

    < option>Spanish < span>Basic</ span>< span>Advanced</ span>< span>Native</ span></ option> 

    ... etc

</ select>

if that´s the case, maybe you want to use a select element for the main selection, and another one for the subselection, possibly using javascript to dynamically change the suboptions if required

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Your question is not complete. Inside of ??(what) Anyways, you can use input type of buttonand then followed by span.

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Yes, there is no problem inserting a div/span tag inside your select/option tag. Try it yourshelf :)

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