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I have a question about putting a xml child files in an javascript array. I have the following xml file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <title>Festival enquete</title>
    <author>Lars Groot </author>
        <description>Demografische vragen</description>
        <question id="0">
            <note>Deze vraag is eigenlijk bedoeld om mensen op het verkeerde been te zetten</note>
            <text>Wat is uw leeftijd?</text>
        <question id="1">
                <text>Waar komt u vandaan</text>
        <question id="2">
                <text>Wat is uw geslacht</text>
                <question id="3">
                <text>Waarom stel ik deze vraag</text>

And i want to push the answers which are marked by q in a javascript array. I have used the next code to get the childs:

function vraag(){
    string = "questions.xml";
    question = $(this).find("text").text();
    id = $(this).attr('id');
    subject = $(this).find("subject").text();
    answertype = $(this).find("answertype").text();
    answer = $(this).children("answers").text();

Now i want to put answer in an javascript array. So q 100 is answer[0], q 200 is answer[1] and q 300 is answer[2]

My question is how to do that?

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I'm guessing an array would be the place to start ?

function vraag() {
    var string = "questions.xml";
    $.get(string, {}, function(xml) {
        $('question', xml).each(function() {
            var question = $(this).find("text").text(),
                id = $(this).attr('id'),
                subject = $(this).find("subject").text(),
                answertype = $(this).find("answertype").text(),
                answers = [];

            $(this).children("answers").each(function(i, ele) {
                answers[i] = $(ele).text();
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Thanx for the answers. I've did ik like this:

var vragenArray = []        

$(this).find("q").each(function() {

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