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This code is supposed to pass the variable in the button delFunction to the delFunction script and delete the file associated with the button. It is not passing the variable. I insert two alert statements below the script and they display on the resulting page as text with no variable name in the command. I have searched stackoverflow and every technique i've tried did not work. Please help...David

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Mark Nutt</title>
function delFunction(source)
    window.location = "?source="+source;
      echo "alert('copy({$_GET['source']},{$_GET['source']})');";
      echo "alert('unlink({$_GET['source']})');";
      echo '<script language="javascript">';
      echo "alert('{$_GET['source']} detached from email!');";

<a href="#" onclick="MyWindow=window.open('http://www.davidsdomaindesign.com/marknutt/emails/emails.php','_self'); return true;"><font size="2" color="white"><input type="button" value="I'm Done" /></font></a><br />
 $files = glob("/home/davidsdo/public_html/marknutt/emails/attach/*.*");
 for ($i=0; $i<count($files); $i++)
 {$num = $files[$i];
  $file = substr($num,50);
<button onclick="delFunction('<?php echo $source='/home/davidsdo/public_html/marknutt/emails/attach/'; echo $file; ?>')" >
<input type="button" value="<?php echo $file ?>" /><br /><img src="http://www.davidsdomaindesign.com/marknutt/emails/attach/<?php echo $file ?>" alt="<?php echo $file ?>" width="125" height="125">
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Instead of setting the variable inside the echo statement, try changing the definition of your button to this.

$source = '/home/davidsdo/public_html/marknutt/emails/attach/' . $file;
<button onclick="delFunction('<?php echo $source; ?>')" >
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worked perfect, thanks – David Burke Dec 13 '12 at 23:07

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