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I keep getting the following error and I was wondering on how to fix?

This is the second time I got this error I fixed it the first time but for some reason I cant fix it the second time.

Fatal error: Unsupported operand types on line 14

Here is line 14


Here is the full code below.



echo ('sum is :'.$z);

/** compute Euclidean distance */
 function D ($a,  $b)
    return pow($sub,2);
function distance_betwen($p,$q)
    if( $nu_argu!=2)
        echo 'please enter a valid 2 coordinates like this (1,2)';
    else if (sizeof($p)!=sizeof($q))
        echo 'values of each pair must have the same dimention';
        return pow(array_sum($c),0.5);

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Your $z=D($x,$y); $x and $y is array

You can't do substraction with two array $sub=$a-$b;

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so is there any way to do substraction with two arrays?? – Mohamed Abdelrahman Dec 13 '12 at 15:08

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