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I know the ID of a changset that im interested in seeing the details of. Is there anywhere i can simple enter the ID of a changeset in order to see what changes were included in the commit without having to know what branch etc. the change was made in?

Im using VS2010 / TFS2010.

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Set the focus on SourceControlExplorer in VS and press CTRL+G

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In the Source Control Explorer in VS2010, click the "Find Changeset" icon on the toolbar.

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From the command line you can use 'tf.exe changeset ID'.

Be aware that your current directory needs to be a mapped workspace on the server you're trying to look up the changeset on. Otherwise you need to specify /s:servername (e.g. /s:http://tfsserver:8080/tfs

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Extension to Rassi's answer to get everything on command prompt

From the command line you can use tf.exe changeset <<changeset ID>> /noprompt

Microsoft link

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