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My iphone App should be able to communicate with a Webserver via RESTful HTTP. So now i want to figure out what is the best approach of doing this. Is there a lightweight framework out there which which provides the functionality i want ? With functionality i mean : doing simple http requests with a few lines of code. I read a lot about RESTkit and testet it inside my Project but after upgrading to 0.20 everything seems really confusing to me.

So my question is : What is the best approach of communicating from an iPhone with a Webservice via RESTFul Http ?

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If you only need to communicate with a Web service for a simple task without local caching (i.e offline access to the data), simply go with AFNetworking.

If you need to communicate with a Web service and also need mapping to objects and caching to Core Data in your app, trust me, Restkit will save you A LOT of time at the long run. My app is built around a web service and once configured properly, it's a joy to work with, especially the new version (0.2.x).

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Personally, my approach is to use NSURLConnection, Grand Central Dispatch and NSJSONSerialization. I write a web service class for each project with simple convenience functions reflecting the needs of each individual app. I of course reuse some of the code across projects, but I don't make any concious effort to write reusable code.

I too have tried RESTKit and found it too confusing/complicated to use.

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I personally use just NSURLConnection from standard SDK of iOS. It has not less or much more then I need.

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