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I want to bind a dictionary to DropDownList. But before binding I want to sort it alphabetically - either by key or value.

How can I obtain that? Is there some kind of build in sort function or a trick?

Here is my code:

      Dim Dic1 As New Dictionary(Of String, String)

      Dic1.Add("1", "pear")
      Dic1.Add("2", "apple")
      Dic1.Add("3", "juice")
      Dic1.Add("4", "milk")
      Dic1.Add("5", "cornflakes")

    drpProduct.DataSource = Dic1
    drpProduct.DataTextField = "Value"
    drpProduct.DataValueField = "Key"

Thanks in advance, Best regards.

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If you are getting the data from a database you could sort it when you read it –  Ciarán Dec 13 '12 at 15:06

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You can use Linq:

drpProduct.DataSource = From kv In Dic1 Order By kv.Value
drpProduct.DataTextField = "Value"
drpProduct.DataValueField = "Key"

Change Order By kv.Value to Order By kv.Key if you want to order by the keys instead.

But as Adi has already mentioned, it is better to use a SortedDictionary from the start then.

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Thaaaanks - that was so nice and easy :-) - Yes, if I could, I would sort the database records in the SQL. –  micknt Dec 14 '12 at 11:15

You could sort it yourself, but the best way to go is probably to use SortedDictionary.

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Thank you for the answer! –  micknt Dec 14 '12 at 11:17

This can be achieved in LINQ by (e.g. to sort alphabetically on the key, C# syntax):

drpProduct.DataSource = Dic1.OrderBy(kvp => kvp.Key);

(VB.Net, something like ... = Dic1.OrderBy(Function(kvp) kvp.Key))

This doesn't inherently enforce an ordering on your dictionary, but it provides an ordering specifically when binding to the dropdown.

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Thank you for the answer! –  micknt Dec 14 '12 at 11:16

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