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I would like to copy articles to a new collection.

I tried an query but the follow error was displayed:

"Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'intArticleCollectionId'"

I have searched on internet for a solution. Till now i have the following query:

DECLARE @lastID int
DECLARE @lastID = Last_ID from LastIdentifiers where Tablename ='WA_ARTICLECOLLECTIONS'

INSERT INTO WA_ARTICLECOLLECTIONS (intArticleCollectionId,intArticleId,intCollectionId,chvArticleNr,chvFabricDescription,inyActive)
    IDENTITY(int, @lastID , 1) AS ID, intArticleCollectionId,intArticleId,4,chvArticleNr,chvFabricDescription,inyActive 
WHERE intCollectionId = 5

This is also not helping me, can somebody adivice me how to change this.

I know the solution is to change in the design to set Identity ON, but that is for us not a solution ;-(.

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The IDENTITY function is only useful for SELECT ... INTO. Why can't you change the design? Even if you correct the syntax you still have race conditions and even if you correct the race conditions then you will have blocking. –  Martin Smith Dec 13 '12 at 15:19
That are team agreements. The programmer would like to generate the last ID from a table, like the example LastIdentifiers. For me it's also strange, because it a nice feature to generate this automatic. Why you should not use it!!! Any way that is team problem ;-(. Can you help me with the query? Is there a way to implement this way? –  Robert Dec 14 '12 at 8:20
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