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I have a bootstrap page that lists items in a table. Each item has its own delete link that launches the modal.

<a href="#modalDel" data-idtodelete="<?php echo $value->id; ?>" class="deletelink">
Delete this item


    var id2del = $(this).data('idtodelete');
    jQuery("#myModalLabel").html("Delete item: "+id2del); //works great

I can pass data to the modal easily, but now I have to make the main button in modal to reflect the dynamic url and call to it (only) when this button is clicked

Any ideas? Thanks

PS: cannot use the hidden event for this, because modal can also be hidden with the cancel button. Also, modal should be closed after/before calling the dyn. delete url of main button

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I'll hazard a guess at this. Haven't tested because I'm not really sure about the setup.

var $ = jQuery; // using as a shortcut

       function()  {
          // Composes delete URL with arguments
          var dynUrl = composeUrl(args); 
          // assuming the modal button is an anchor element
          $('#modalButton').attr('href', dynUrl); 

          // Also closes the modal box after being clicked
              function(e) { 

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