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I am attempting to set the style sheets on my QTreeView such that the selected item has the same colour regardless of whether or not the view has focus. I'm doing it using

QTreeView::item:selected:!active { 
    background: myColour; 

Instead of passing a hard-coded value into my style sheet, I'd like to use the value of QTreeView::item:selected:active, allowing me to always have the colour set correctly. I had a quick go at this with

QTreeView::item:selected:!active { 
    background: QTreeView::item:selected:active; 

just to see what happened, which was nothing. How can I extract the value of QTreeView::item:selected:active and use it in my style sheet?

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I would read the background color for the active color group out of the Palette and apply it to the widget's palette.






So this is what the code would look like somewhere after you have applied/polished your stylesheet for your QTreeViewItem.

QPalette modifiedPalette(this->palette());
QColor activeBgColor(this->palette().color(QPalette::Active, QPalette::Window));
modifiedPalette.setColor(QPalette::Window, activeBgColor);


Hope that helps.

Two other options you could also explore include:

Using dynamic properties, or basically tying some property you control to styling. I made a longer post explaining it to someone recently:

QList: Out of memory

Or you could parse the information out of the QString returned by stylesheet() using a regular expression of some sort and store it somewhere, but this could be problematic if the stylesheet for that widget doesn't have it , and it is referencing a parent's stylesheet. You might also look into using the style property of QWidget, too.


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