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I have to create a Web app which can allowed to copy from excel and paste on the web and get exacly the same thing and vice versa. I don't know many things on web development but I found some solution like :

-sharepoint and office web app

-asp.net + ajax

-make a add-in in excel to send elem on a server (but the project will be only on excel with this solution)

-HTML + PHP with PHPExcel.

Are there others solutions or which one of these is the best?


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a client side solution have a look handsontable jquery plugin. u can use copy/paste from excel http://handsontable.com/ if you want to do it in server side just two for statement parse all. lots of class available for parsing.

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But the office web app is more powerful isn't it? And my compagny like Windows tools so I might make a excel web app so can anyone tell me the advantages/disadvantages of this? –  Zobix Dec 20 '12 at 9:02
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