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I'm new with the htaccess redirection, and I'm having some trouble with how it works, I think that is because I need something a little bit different.

I want this


to be redirected to


I use that values as filters from products; but the original URL is generated in two steps.


The user goes to the main page (http://localhost/webroot), and wants to filter by type, so when he clicks, the filter is applied and the URL changes to http://localhost/webroot/type_enduro-cross-trial and it works!

But I want the user to be able to add more filters, so now he wants to filter by some brand, and when he click the URL changes to http://localhost/webroot/type_enduro-cross-trial/brand_yamaha/. And so on with more filters.

This rewrite rule works to obtain the value of the first parameter:

RewriteRule ^([^_/]+)_([^_/]+)/([^_/]*) search.php?$1=$2 [L]

But when I add more filters, it clearly ignore them, and I have no idea of how must the rewrite rule should be.

Thanks, and sorry for my English!

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What you want to achieve is non-trivial to do with .htaccess. Instead of solving this complicated within .htaccess just only leave a single rule inside the file and do the work inside your search.php script. This allows you a greater flexibility.

Just pass everything as a single parameter to the php script, like:

RewriteRule /pages/(.+) /page.php?page=$1 [QSA]

In your php script you do some string processing on $_GET['page'] (exemplary from the example RewriteRule above), e.g. by using explode.

Inside PHP you can far better work with arrays, something you can not at all inside the .htaccess file.

Examples have been taken from the original Apache HTTP Mod_Rewrite documentation.

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RewriteRule ^/(.*)/(.*)/$ search.php?type=$1&trial=$2 [L]

use $_GET['type'] and $_GET['trial'] to get the 2 variables where $_GET['type'] = type_enduro-cross-trial and $_GET['trial'] = brand_yamaha


$url = 'http://www.site.com/' . $_GET["type"] . '/' . $_GET["trial"] . '/';
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