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I have the following file:

T$57 abc string (50.00,110.00) T$97 xyz string (30.00,-1100.00)

I need to put (50.00,110.00) , (30.00,-1100.00) in new file and finally saving the maximum number for x-coordinate in variable and minimum number for y-coor. in another variable.


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Use awk as illustrated below. The coordinates are saved into another file called file2 and the variables containing the max and min are maxX and minY respectively.

$ cat file
T$57  abc string  (50.00,110.00)
T$97  xyz string  (30.00,-1100.00)

$ read maxX minY < <(awk -F"[ (,)]+" 'NR==1 { maxX=$4;minY=$5 } {if($4>maxX){maxX=$4} if($5<miny){miny=$5}print "("$4","$5")" > "file2"}END{print maxX" "miny}' file)

$ echo $maxX

$ echo $minY

$ cat file2
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Thanks for your help :) – user1901466 Dec 14 '12 at 17:43

Here is a little shell script :


#For everithing between brackets in you file do
for i in `grep -oE '\(([^\(\)]*)\)' file` ; do

 echo $i >> newFile

 #Getting the differnts values
 j=`echo $i | tr -d '[\(][\)]'`
 x=`echo $j | cut -d, -f1`
 y=`echo $j | cut -d, -f2`

 #Putting the max in maxx
 if [ $maxx \< $x ] ; then

 #Putting the min in miny
 if [ $miny \> $y ] ; then


echo $maxx
echo $miny
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It works ... Thanks a lot :) – user1901466 Dec 14 '12 at 17:42

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