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When working down a long chain of factored F# code there are times I have to un-factor the code for various reasons so I can modify the code to fix a bug or add a change, followed by factoring the code again.

Since un-factoring and factoring are for the most part symbolic transformations which should be able to be automated, (I know it's not easy in reality); has anyone made such a tool?

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i don't know of any tools like that, i am assuming that you are asking about breaking up the pipes so that you can put a break point somewhere and inspect the result. I agree that it's the hardest part of working with code in F#, that once you've composed it, it's virtually impossible to step through it with all the lazy evaluation and compositions.

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Hi Alex, I'm having problems relating F# and it's debugging capabilities. I have it here but in summary, I cannot even see locals, or place the cursor over a variable and see its value. Any clues? thanks. –  Fernando Urkijo Cereceda Mar 22 '14 at 22:27

In situations like this, it can be useful to override the forward pipe operator, which allows you to put a breakpoint on it. Doesn't necessarily solve the lazy/composition issues but a useful trick anyway.

Details here:

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