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We're building web app that uses RequireJS for modular development/dependency management.
We kick things of with the following:

<script data-main="js/main" src="js/libs/require/require.js"></script>

The web app also uses a third-party applet that is required for communication with a mainframe system. The applet has a callback function that executes once the api for communicating with it has been initialized, with the api object passed in as a parameter. e.g.

 * This function is invoked automatically after the Reflection session has 
 * completed its initialization. A reference to the JavaScript API is passed
 * in as a parameter.
 function jsapiInitialized( api ) {

    return api;


Basically, the above needs to be a dependency for many of the modules within the app.

How can I make the above function a module dependency, so the api object is available to those modules requiring it?

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It seems that you want to use asynchronous like define method for your API. To do it with require.js you'll need to create a small plugin. As result you'll have the following files:

1) myapi.js (API simulation file)

// this is actually simulation of your third party code
setTimeout(function() {
    if(typeof jsapiInitialized === 'function') jsapiInitialized('hello!');
}, 1000);

2) myplugin.js (plugin which handles your API callback)

    return {
        load : function(name, req, onLoad, config){
            window.jsapiInitialized = function(api) {

3) main.js (to test your plugin)

require(['myplugin!myapi'], function(api){

(where "myapi" can be a path to your real API script)

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We don't have access to any api script (that I'm aware of), we simply add the jsapiInitialized() to the page and the applet calls it, passing in the api parameter. Is that a problem? – Zengineer Dec 13 '12 at 19:59
That's no problem for you. You don't need to modify anything. As you can see jsapiInitialized function is created automatically by this piece of code: window.jsapiInitialized = function(api) {.... And when it's get called from third party script this function simply pass API via requirejs internals. – Inferpse Dec 13 '12 at 20:37
OK, since jsapiInitialized is called automatically, is myapi.js needed? If not, what would require() parameters look like in main.js? – Zengineer Dec 13 '12 at 21:12
No, you don't need myapi.js - it is just simulation of your case. This is actually your "third party script". I've make these local files to test my answer. Your require parameters should look like: require(['myplugin!']) (you can use relative path also) – Inferpse Dec 13 '12 at 22:08
Ok, that is what I thought but wasn't sure. I just need to find the location of the api.js. That should be easy... Thank you again for your help! BTW, is this typically what plugins are used for, outside dependencies? – Zengineer Dec 14 '12 at 15:24

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